Various game modes

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Various game modes

Post by Elharter »

Different game modes that have their own server applicable server lists for everyone to enjoy. An alternative way of listing these modes if player-base is small is to have the server list say the 'mode' next to the track name.

For example: Casual Mode, Pro Mode, Custom Mode (allows customization of all settings), Drift Mode, Destruction Derby/Demolition Derby mode, Drag racing mode, Funny games mode (power ups/pickups for cars, weapons, bumper cars, team bumper cars, capture the flag, destroy/protect the VIP, King of the hill; etc etc).

Please feel free to suggest more.

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Re: Various game modes

Post by ZephirPFS47 »

Another game mode might be checkpoint races, like in a map you have multiple ways too reach a checkpoint and you see next checkpoint as a light beam, like the old midnight club games, or also that you don't have to reach those checkpoint following an order, but you decide your own path or also that a random check lights up then when someone reachs it another checkpoint lighs up and so on

Also Hotlapping/ rally stage might be another mode
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