Moin und so

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Moin und so

Post by Harrii »

Hello folks,

I'm Harrii with double i not y! I life in NRW, Germany.
I found out about GentRacing in another Top Down Racing Forum. I like customable and editable Games, so "another old top down racer" and Simutrans are other Games i'm intrested in.
I waited long time for a racing Game that is easy enough to create contend for without being an expert at modeling and programming. So I found "another old top down racer" and start to make Cars and Tracks. The options of that were very limited so it was challenging but also frustrating.
I have a look at Circuit Superstars, but this seems not modable.
With GentRacing I think it is different, in a project which sounds and looks promising to me. I expect to get a racing game that is fun to drive, easy to customize and with a great community.
I'd like to try the Car editor as soon as possible, to be part of the community.
For suggestions I will use the part of the forum, where suggentions supposed to be.
Racing series I'd like to have in GentRacing are Rallycross, Rally Raid and Extreme E.

see you
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Re: Moin und so

Post by Elharter »

Hi Harrii with double i not y,

nive to have you onboard. You are 100% right here on the correct side of the universe :)
Except the car-editor, which needs some months to be available, you´ll get everything you need !

enjoy and have fun!
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