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To ensure a high level compatibility to fanpages, community-pages, leagues, etc. we are providing several kind of API´s to our users.

If you would like to develop some interfaces, statistic websites, integrate your own ranks or laptimes to an avatar then use our existing API´s to access the data from outside with a developer-registration and an API-Key.


At the moment we are providing in 2 different API Standards

  • JSON
  • XML

What do you need?

Of course, as ever, an registered developer account to get an API-Key which is reserved and assigned to your person

Which kind of Data is accessible?

At the moment:

  • Tracks/Track Database (trackname, worldrecords, filesize, driven rounds, filehash, etc.)
  • Drivers (driven rounds, world records, name, etc.)
  • Results (positions, qualifying times, penalties, etc.)
  • GeneRacing Rankings (World records, league rankings, etc.)

API for races/racers: - Most active drivers - Laptimes per track - Average laptimes per track - World records overall - Deep details for your user (assigned to your API) API for tracks/track database: - World records per track - List of all tracks with detail data

and many more...