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The Interface

This track editor is a simple version and will be extented if the kickstarter goals are reached. Current version is v0.0.8

Editor Interface.png

Top Buttons / Modes

Top menu.png

GeneRacing Heights
GeneRacing Heights

Height (Mode)

This button is used to create different height levels on the map.

Click left mouse buttono to raise a height, hold shift to lower the clicked height. The selected brush at the bottom line affects the style of the height.

GeneRacing Texture popup window
Texture Window

Texture (Mode)

This button will display a number of textures to use for different terrain example grass, asphalt, sand, snow, forest, oil and so on.

Each click on this button brins up the texture popup window. The pencil indicates the current selected texture.

GeneRacing Objects
Objects Window

Objects (Mode)

This button will display a number of 3D object to populate the track example concrete walls, stands, buildings, trees, people, lights, poles, fences, cones, pits, grid points, checkpoints and so on

If this "mode" is enabled you can:

  • place, rotate or scale objects.
  • select existing and placed objects on the track.
  • Change with F6 to move, F7 to rotate and F8 to scale clicked/selected objects.

Reload Objects

Use this button to replace all objects like the objects are loaded ingame. The objects will be placed in a special order with different marks. That means that every object in general will be placed from the a top-position to the surface by detection of each surface pixel under the object. That allows the user to combine multiple objects very close together.

As an existing future request it´s planned to place "special" objects stacked. This is planned and will be integrated in a later update.

Smooth Heights (Mode)

An option to make the heights (elevated land) more smooth. Use one of the existing brushes at the bottom line to smooth the heights in a different way.

Flatten Heights (Mode)

An option to flat heights back to default or delete all heights.

GeneRacing camera settings
Camera Settings

Set Camera (Mode)

To set the default camera angle, camera zoom and camera rotation. These camera settings are saved with the track. If you are happy with a current camera setting, dont forget to press "save", to write your settings in the cache to ensure the saving in the following xml-file (save file).

Right Buttons


Create New

Click this button to start creating a new track. (Track name and resolution are required) You are free to select if you just wanted to delete heights and texture, or delete all objects too (checkbox).


Click this button to change the texture-resolution or heightmap-resolution and enable/disable the autosaving-function for heavy work load.

Save File

Click this button to save your track and define a filename.

Load File

Click this button to load a GRT-Trackfile from your harddisk.

Save Height Map

Click this button to save (export) the height map. This file will be placed in your gaming directory under the \StreamingAssetFolder as a png-file.

Load Height Map

Click this button to open (Import) a height map file to your track. The loaded file will be applied directly on the open terrain.

Save Texture

Click this button to save (export) the track texure. This file will be placed in your gaming directory under the \StreamingAssetFolder as a png-file.

Load Texture

Click this button to open (import) a track texture file to your track. The loaded file will be applied directly on the open terrain.

Create Walls

Click this button to re-built the wall surrounding the track. This is very useful to see directly the last result which will be used ingame.

If you change heights, especially close to the borders, the wall will not be adjusted directly to save cpu-performance - you have to re-create it by clicking this button.

The Track Checklist


  • No Filename set: Every track needs to have a filename.
  • Min 2 checkpoints: Every track needs a minimum of 2 checkpoint.
  • All 6 Spawn point placed: Every track need to have at least six spawn point. Spawn points refer to the car starting locations on grid. Maximum spawn points allowed is 10.
  • Min 1 Pit Box placed: Every track must have a least 1 pit box to stop for re-fueling and damage repair. More than 1 pit box is suggested.
  • Heightmap Resolution: Check for heightmap resolution, higher resolution = less frames ingame but mor detailed heights, lower resolution = more frames ingames, but less detailed heights.
  • Texture Resolution: Check for texture resolution.

The Brushes

Below are the different brushes that you can find in the editor.


Brush Settings

Brush size.png

Brush Size

This options to increase or decrease the size of the brush.

Brush Opaque

This option to increase or decrease the opaque level (transparency) of the chosen brush.

Other Options

Other settings.png


Checkpoint Visible

This option enable/disable the checkpoints in trackeditor to hide it for a smoother work if they are not needed in the meantime.

Mouse Projector

This option will be enable/disable the white mouse spot. Sometimes this spot is useful, sometimes not. Decide.

Camera Speed

Adjust the normal fly speed of the editor camera.

Move Fast Factor

Adjust the (shift hold) fast factor of the fly speed of the editor camera.

Object Mouse Sens

Adjust the speed of moving objects in object mode.

Objects Rotation Sens

Adjust the speed of rotating objects in object mode.

Other Settings

Day night.png

Night View


This setting to set a time to a particular time of the day being day or night. Also allows automatic cycle from day to night. If you would like to adjust the time for a check, do it like that: 1. Disable the day/night cycle (the checkbox must be unclicked) 2. Adjust the timeslider 3. Enable the day/night cycle and remain it to see the effect, or disable it instantly to hold the current time adjustment for further editings

Track Size

This important setting to set the world size. It is important that objects (car, trees, stands etc) are scaled in proportion with the track size. The TrackSize Slider will adjust the relativ heightmap-height, the relative water level and the object scaling. A value between 0-510 is possible

Water Level

This setting to raise or lower the water level. Can be used with the height option to create areas filled with water on track. The waterlevel-range is depending on the tracksize Default Setting is: 0 to hide the water.


Below a list of shortcuts that can be used in editor.


Pressed Key (Streaming)

The "pressed button" area was specially developed for streaming or film recordings to make it easier for the viewer to follow settings and procedures.

Pressed Key
Pressed key