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GentRacing´s multiplayer mode is based on a cloud-solution with different name-servers, master-servers spreaded in 14 countries and gameservers.

Default Ports By Protocol And Purpose

Port Numer Protocol Purpose
5058 or 27000 UDP Client to Nameserver (UDP)
5055 or 27001 UDP Client to Nameserver (UDP)
5056 or 27002 UDP Client to Game Server (UDP)
4533 TCP Client to Nameserver (TCP)
4530 TCP Client to Master Server (TCP)
4531 TCP Client to Game Server (TCP)
19093 TCP Client to Nameserver (Secure WebSockets)
19090 TCP Client to Master Server (Secure WebSockets)
19091 TCP Client to Game Server (Secure WebSockets)


The network core will be remaked to achieve more flexibility, more functionalities and host servers by GentRacing and the users himself

Migration to new high level networking API - 09/2021

Due to general problems with collission we decided to switch to the high level networking API of Unity.

Following changes will be documenated here for you posterity and some other developers to have a bit more insight.

Migration was started at September 2021 - while Alpha 0.0.7o is released.

Following functionalities will be changed/adjusted/implimented:

  • Server
    • Full server authorative movements and calculations of car physics
    • Headless (dedicated) server for windows + linux
    • Steam server integration
    • Server authentication
    • Adjustable server tickrate
  • Client
    • Online Serverlist Ingame + Steam Server
    • Lag compensation
    • Network compression
    • Snapshot
    • Serverchat
    • Console commands
    • Ping Server <> Client, see ping of all players