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This page is under construction!

Game Modes

  1. SinglePlayer (deactivated at the moment - just use a multiplayer alone)
  2. MultiPlayer
    • Qualifying
    • Race
    • Drift

Following sections are planned before beta-phase:

  1. League Mode
  2. Competition Mode

Day/Night Mode

  • adjustable pre-defined default time for each track (TrackEditor)
  • Host-Master can decide if its a day-race, night-race, day/night cycle-race

Online multiplayer (planned to be migrated to Mirror before full release)

League support (Formula 1, HotLap Contests, Time based Leagues, Cups, etc...)

XP/Level System, connected to the steam achievements

ELO Ranking System for leagues

Track database to handle, provide, sort and overview of all existing *unlimited tracks possible*

Competetiv online modus (with league support, worldwide ranking, ...)

Keyboard, GameController support

TrackEditor (easy version integrated, full version is stretch goal)

InGame Features

100% Multiplayer with between 6 up to 12 players on the same track Car AI Replay-Mode (for movie maker) Demo-Recording (for movie maker) Track handling over Cloud (Upload/Download), centralised Track Voting´s Track Ranking (played, votings, ...) Ingame track database Online Playerstatistics (Races, Wins, Losses, Crashes, Exits,...) ELO Ranking with Player 1on1 Challenges Synchronize Tracks over cloud ingame Steam achievements (some existing, more see stretch goal) AntiCheating (automatic demoupload and reviewing conspicuous races) Bug-Reporting System (ingame or in existing forum) Day/night modus (select duration, only day, only night) InGame CarEditor (Stretch goal) InGame TrackEditor (easy version in beta) Full InGame TrackEditor (Stretch goal) Steam Trading Cards (Stretch goal) Game-Modes

   -  Singleplayer (offline)
   -  Mulitplayer (offline - 6 drivers on 1 device)
   -  Multiplayer online
   -  Qualifying mode
       -- see realtime qualifying worldwide bestlaps ingame
   -  Race mode (1 to 10 Tracks in a row) (Rounds/Time)
   -  Drift mode (collect points for drift)
   -  League mode (Stretch goal)
   -  Time attack mode (beat the world record time on a track)
   -  Team mode for 2on2, 3on3, 4on4, 5on5 (Stretch goal)


    -  Pit Box Crew (to repair the car, fuel up and change tires)
    -  VR implimentation (Stretch goal)
    -  Water effects depending on events, track, ...
    -  different surfaces (sand,ice,snow,etc...) with changing behaviour
    -  Show ingame checkpoints (Key: c)
    -  Change perspective (Key: F2)
    -  Set cam back to default cam setting (Key: F3)
    -  Enable/disable ingame HUD for Videos/Screenshots or better view (Key: F4)
    -  Show network statistics in realtime (Key: F6)
    -  Follow car came (Key: F6)
    -  Enable/disable FPV car camera (Key: F7)
    -  Enable/disable grid surface (Key: F10)
    -  Ingame Steam Screenshot (Key: F12)
    -  Show CheckPoints ingame (Key: c)
    -  Show physics panel (Key: m)
    -  Turn car lights on/off (Key: l)
    -  Turn night mode on/off (Key: n)
    -  Hit car out of stuck (Key: r)
    - Teleport car to next checkpoint (r hold for 5 secs)
    -  Choose qualifiying yes/no
    -  Choose qualifiying time
    -  Choose qualifiying settings (damage, tyre wear, fuel consumption)