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We are a small indie team based in austria. In the new step of the story, we follow the previous versions of this genre with deep respect and we try to deliver the next title to the category "Top-Down-Arcade-Racing". More similiar games followed in this genre, the years after.

Our dream is: To organize a World Cup, where the finals will be played appropriately in a final at an event with presence and livestream

One of our and our own demands is: With the community, for the community!

Behind the scenes

Idea and the drive

We are continuing this kind of game to keep this genre alive. GentRacing was born to ensure survival in the “top down arcade racing game” market. The difficulty here is to ensure a balance between “state of the art” and “preservation of the classic components”.

In addition to the well-known cross-game game modes (qualifying, racing, timeattack), the idea will of course not only be continued, but of course expanded.

We integrate an online multiplayer functionality, expand the tactical components, add a special drift-challenge and support the league, competition and tournament modes as well as possible.


Michael G. | Vienna/Austria | Founder, Head and Developer of GentRacing
Waleed Mohamed A. | Dikerniss/Egypt | Developer
Martin | Innsbruck/Austria | 3D Artist

And of course some heavy user/racer/follower which supports the game massivly
Yorok | Estonia
Jefcam | Malta
Zephir | Italy
Chottue | Poland
TedMeat | Finnland
GijsWasHier | Netherlands

and many many more...


The game is primarly developed with C# in Unity, some elements are written in C++ (Plugins and Extensions), some connection elements like our API is written in PHP and C# on the the external side. For all 3d elements primarly Blender is used.

The whole project is managed as an agile scrum project, with agile methodology. We are coding out of a product backlog, decide what will be included in the next sprint backlog to follow a predefined sprint cycle of around 3-4 weeks.
We are using Jira, Asana and Instagantt as project management tool and measuring milestones.


Our milestones are roughly defined for the entire project period and follow the ideology of agile project methods.

A rough pre-defined overview looks like that:

  1. Playable alpha state, involve and build the community
  2. Establish marketing, tools and environment for the game (Wiki, Discord, Socialmedia, etc.)
  3. Kickstarter launch to refine the alpha version so that a beta switch is possible. collecting inputs from the community
  4. Prepare steam for early access
  5. Complete the alpha version and focus on beta
  6. Reach 1.000 active players count
  7. Beta release
    1. Expand network, activate cooperation partners for holding championships at events
    2. Extend to other platforms
  8. Reach 5.000 active players count
  9. Full release on Steam


A top down arcade racing game which is developed for Windows/Steam. The basic idea was born in 2016 and the development then began in 2019.

Versioning note

The following convention is used for versioning:

0.0.x = Alpha Release
0.x.0 = Beta Release
x.0.0 = Full Release


Alpha 0.0.7n

# Release notes - GentRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7n


  • GEN-419 Fixed wrong car rotation at start/spawn
  • GEN-418 Fixed z-layering for exit-popup ingame (exit not clickable)
  • GEN-416 Fixed wrong player avatar assignments
  • GEN-412 Fixed wrong lambo-settings loading after pressing keycode F
  • GEN-411 [TrackEditor] fixed reset rotation gui button
  • GEN-406 Fixed missing lights for F1 car
  • GEN-405 Changed F1 settings to better default values


  • GEN-417 Changed solid color in play scene to #292929
  • GEN-415 Added F1 sounds
  • GEN-414 Added fuel-warning sound (<20% of fuel)
  • GEN-413 Added short-r-keycode function to move the car a bit to an empty side (to free a stuck)
  • GEN-410 [TrackEditor] Added value-textboxes to modify each object per hand
  • GEN-409 [TrackEditor] Added new object option to object mode (set values / place new objects)
  • GEN-408 [TrackEditor] Added new keycode (Ctrl+n) to enable/disable object placing

Alpha 0.0.7m

# Release notes - GentRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7m


   *GEN-403 Decreased fontsizes in lobby tracklist for better overview and upcoming re-arranging
   *GEN-402 Fixed missing autoscroll at lobbytracklist if user is filtering tracks
   *GEN-401 Fixed aerodrome checkpoints
   *GEN-399 Fixed on wrong pitcrew member behaviour
   *GEN-398 Increased PitBoxCrew running speed to 80f
   *GEN-397 Fixed falling lolipop man @ pitcrew
   *GEN-396 Fixed OnPlayerLeftRoom spawning position bug
   *GEN-390 Changed/fixed countdown sound -> 4,3,2,1 sound and Go sound is different
   *GEN-385 Reload filelist possibility is missing to reload local files \(Lobby Tracklist\)


   *GEN-404 Integrated the first easy version of the new pitcrew characters
   *GEN-400 Added dragmultiplier to surface parameters to enable the possibility of delay effect if car hits another surface
   *GEN-395 Added more red for better curb detection for surface detection
   *GEN-394 Added mud to surface detecion and surface parameters
   *GEN-391 Added new scene for gameversion conflict management to ensure same version on all clients
   *GEN-389 Added 8 car objects to trackeditor
   *GEN-388 Create backup file of overwritten uploaded track on the cloud server
   *GEN-387 Added 64x64 heigtmap resolution to trackeditor
   *GEN-386 Added formula one car to keycode "F" to switch car and physics ingame for tests

Alpha 0.0.7l

Release notes - GentRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7l


   * [GEN-365] - Added LogOutputHandler for better debugging
   * [GEN-374] - Added overwrite button information in TrackDB if file exists
   * [GEN-376] - Added new free look orbit camera (F6)
   * [GEN-379] - Started first implimentation for driftig-game-mode
   * [GEN-381] - Added ConcreteBarriere to TrackObject List (48)
   * [GEN-382] - [TrackEditor] Fixed wrong trackobjectliste content scrollview height to auto adjust
   * [GEN-383] - Added smooth step steering on/off (0/1) to physic values
   * [GEN-384] - Added smoothing factor value to physic values (0-100f), good values between 20-45f


   * [GEN-363] - Fixed wrong lettercase behaviour for uploaded tracks
   * [GEN-364] - Fixed TrackDB category
   * [GEN-366] - Reduced redwall damage from 0.5 relative magnitute to 0.05
   * [GEN-367] - Added retry button for uploading to cloud data, if upload should stuck
   * [GEN-368] - Changed default shown values for Slaves for Qualidamage and Racedamage to 30%
   * [GEN-369] - Fixed endracepanel status messages (leaved, quitted, etc)
   * [GEN-370] - Fixed ghost recording bug if player leaves
   * [GEN-371] - Fixed wrong scene loading bug
   * [GEN-372] - Fixed track upload problem (overwrite issue)
   * [GEN-373] - Fixed wrong empty list element in trackDB List
   * [GEN-375] - Fixed wrong store of steamuserid in trackdb
   * [GEN-378] - Fixed byte output on tracklist to mb output
   * [GEN-380] - Resized woman to ensure correct relation

Alpha 0.0.7k

Release notes - GentRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7k


   * [GEN-336] - Added IPManager Class
   * [GEN-346] - Added MouseWheel zoom for CCTV Follow Camera (F6)
   * [GEN-347] - Added new camera 
   * [GEN-352] - Added SideFriction physics value (Amount of friction applied when colliding with a wall)
   * [GEN-353] - Added first GRZ Track > Grz_haldemuehle.grt
   * [GEN-354] - [TrackEditor] Changed SaveFile transpareny to 250
   * [GEN-355] - Added Ghost recording and binary saving for Quali and Race
   * [GEN-356] - Added countdown sound for the last 4 seconds
   * [GEN-361] - [TrackEditor] Added max counter for spawnpoints with alert


   * [GEN-333] - Top5 racers (best laptimes) are not shown, 1 was missing
   * [GEN-334] - Fixed mousewheel-scroll bug while filebrowser window is open in TrackEditor
   * [GEN-335] - Fixed iboville checkpoints, objects
   * [GEN-337] - [TrackEditor] Changed initial path to StreamingAsset Folder per default 
   * [GEN-338] - Decreased default intro sound to 0.15
   * [GEN-339] - Fixed wrong worldrecord outputs in mainmenue
   * [GEN-340] - Fixed sound-volume saving bug in mainmenue
   * [GEN-341] - Disabled Quality-Settings dropdown in settings because of URP
   * [GEN-342] - Fixed SceneSync over the network for other players if the master leaves to mainmenue
   * [GEN-343] - Changed quali and race damage default value to 30%
   * [GEN-344] - Added car-outlining for 3 new cameras
   * [GEN-345] - Added postprocessing for carcams and outlining
   * [GEN-348] - Fixed laptime-text alignment to correct selected camera
   * [GEN-349] - Added empty-tank behaviour (5% of throttle)
   * [GEN-350] - Less impact of steering if car get damage
   * [GEN-351] - [TrackEditor] Fixed reload objects / tracksize bug (objects not clickable after action)
   * [GEN-357] - Fixed position display (top left) with correct calculation
   * [GEN-358] - Reduced "Go!" text timer from 0.5sec to 0.3sec
   * [GEN-359] - Fixed wrong endracepanel time format (ms)
   * [GEN-360] - Fixed 12 spawnpoint count problem while loading track ingame
   * [GEN-362] - Increased waiting time for other players from 5 up to 10 secs to avoid loosing slower hardware

Alpha 0.0.7j

Release notes - GentRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7j

  • Task
   * [GEN-215] - Extend possible textures for terrain from 512x512 to 2048x2048
   * [GEN-243] - Avoid window resizing to ensure fixed resolutions
   * [GEN-259] - Added postprocessing effects for URP
   * [GEN-270] - Change URP to Player-Colorspace from Gamma to linear
   * [GEN-272] - Add all employees and volunteers for Gentracing
   * [GEN-273] - Upgrade URP to 7.5.1
   * [GEN-275] - Added volumentric shader for Ingame-Lamps (shafts)
   * [GEN-281] - Updated to Unity 2019.4
   * [GEN-285] - Added planar reflections to improve water
   * [GEN-286] - Added new URP water shader+material to improve water
   * [GEN-293] - Added waterLevelSlider for testing purpose to change Waterlevel ingame
   * [GEN-294] - Added worldSizeSlider for testing purpose to change worldsize ingame (not finished)
   * [GEN-297] - Added small office block (missing)
   * [GEN-314] - added/changed F6 CameraModes (switch all camera modes with F6)
   * [GEN-316] - Syncing motorsound over the network
   * [GEN-317] - Disable car frontlights at start
   * [GEN-318] - Increased bodymass-slider to max of 3500
   * [GEN-319] - Added loading screen before main menue - to load all important elements
   * [GEN-320] - Added surface detection and values to adjust
   * [GEN-321] - Added steam ownership check
   * [GEN-325] - Added user-state in QualifyingEndPanel + EndRacepanel to see where to player is
   * [GEN-328] - Changed car-default-mass to 1500kg
   * [GEN-329] - Added fuelstate behaviour to car (empty tank faster car > full tank slower car)
   * [GEN-330] - Added driftsmoke
   * [GEN-331] - Changed pitbox times (4sec,2sec,2ec)
   * [GEN-332] - syncing light switching over the network (flash your opponent now!)
  • Bug
   * [GEN-244] - No rounded time after 2nd race
   * [GEN-245] - Provocated bouncing of walls results in better laptimes
   * [GEN-246] - Fixed wrong filesize value in tracklist
   * [GEN-247] - Fixed fullscreen-switch bug depending to selected resolution
   * [GEN-249] - Networkcars are muted - no sound existing
   * [GEN-251] - Fixed wall bouncing (border and borderbouncy values changed)
   * [GEN-252] - Upgraded to PHP7 for webservices
   * [GEN-253] - Fixed several php bugs (deprications) on webservices part
   * [GEN-254] - Quali on/off switch isnt synced correctly with race-start/scene changing
   * [GEN-255] - PitBox damage smoke should stop if damage is repaired
   * [GEN-256] - Changing Render Pipeline for more performance and extended shaders
   * [GEN-257] - Fixed checkpoint material for URP
   * [GEN-258] - Fixed bush materials for URP
   * [GEN-260] - Fixed wall shader bug for URP
   * [GEN-261] - Fixed old water planes and rendering bugs
   * [GEN-262] - Fixed firesphere shader for car damage smoke
   * [GEN-263] - Fixed hedge materials for URP
   * [GEN-264] - Fix grid materials and shader for URP
   * [GEN-274] - Fixing missing shadows after upgrading to URP
   * [GEN-278] - Car must be outlined under bridge to see it
   * [GEN-282] - Trackloading needs very long at less file count
   * [GEN-283] - Fixed unsupported Projector in URP
   * [GEN-284] - Fix color-palette problem with sand/black 
   * [GEN-287] - Fixed BaseMapDistance -> increased to higher value
   * [GEN-288] - Decreased pixel errors to avoid lake break outs
   * [GEN-289] - Added heightmap-fix to avoid 64x64>65x65 bug
   * [GEN-291] - Fixed spawn bug of all spawning elements for smaller worldsizes
   * [GEN-292] - Fixed cloud login problems, database fixed -> issued the FirstLogin PopUp
   * [GEN-295] - Fixed waterlevel bug in relation to the worldsize
   * [GEN-296] - Fixed heightmap (terrainHeight / terrain) bug in relation to the worldsize
   * [GEN-299] - Fixed Bridge for size/collider
   * [GEN-300] - Fixed lap counter counting wrong
   * [GEN-301] - Fixed GR Login bug
   * [GEN-302] - Fixed double loading of scene at "go back" in race-mode
   * [GEN-303] - Fixed outside walls thickness bug
   * [GEN-304] - Fixed outside wall water bug
   * [GEN-307] - Fixed damage steering hook and damage motor adjustment
   * [GEN-308] - Decreased halfstone collider, to avoid big jumps
   * [GEN-309] - Fixed r-key spawning height problem
   * [GEN-310] - changed from getmotor() to motor to adjust damage speed
   * [GEN-311] - changed trackdb missing screenshots from red to grey
   * [GEN-312] - added screenshot-mini-version on cloudserver, to reduce trackdb loading time
   * [GEN-313] - fixed scalemodifier missing loading bug
   * [GEN-315] - Fixed CultureChange to trackeditor and loadtrack and Startmenue (GRLogin)
   * [GEN-322] - Disabled planear reflections by default (quality settings)
   * [GEN-323] - Fixed transparent car at finish + network sync
   * [GEN-324] - Fixed R-Keycode (now just possible while Racestate = racing)
   * [GEN-326] - Changing masterclient if master is leaving or quitting, to keep the race up
   * [GEN-327] - Changed haybale physics material and object size and fixed wrong origin point

Alpha 0.0.7i

Release notes - GentRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7i

  • Task
   * [GEN-163] - Save audio level settings to registry
   * [GEN-240] - Impliment resolution setting ingame because of dialog deprecation in unity 
   * [GEN-242] - Impliment quality setting ingame because of dialog deprecation in unity
  • Bug
   * [GEN-241] - Fix loading track-loading bug (app freezes)

Alpha 0.0.7h

Release notes - GentRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7h

  • Task
   * [GEN-185] - Added Standard specular shader to the alway included shaders for built-in shaders
   * [GEN-186] - Prepared and implimented the first 3d model importer (*.obj) files for the future
   * [GEN-189] - Set car back to track with time delay if it stucks in Trees or something like that
   * [GEN-196] - Update Engine to Unity2019
   * [GEN-197] - Updating encryption engine 
   * [GEN-198] - Check if min. 1 startpoint found on track > if not exit with errormessage
   * [GEN-199] - GeneralSettings Bug (dondestroyonload) if scene is switching
   * [GEN-200] - Add a general track database db with several functions and possiblities
   * [GEN-201] - Add Screenshot loading from cloud to see pic in TrackDB
   * [GEN-203] - Add shown downloads to TrackDB
   * [GEN-204] - Adding Cronjobs to sync count of laps for each track in track db
   * [GEN-205] - Adding cronjob to sync wr-times for each track in db
   * [GEN-206] - Adding some fields for tracks like (wr-times, downloaded-times, count of sumlaps,...) for json
   * [GEN-207] - Adding three more physics sliders (HighTwistLimit,SwingLimiter and LowTwistLimit) for CharacterJoints
   * [GEN-209] - Create TrackDB first impression video
   * [GEN-215] - Extend possible textures for terrain from 512x512 to 2048x2048
   * [GEN-219] - Added first procedural grass placements for green-textures to improve graphics/views
   * [GEN-222] - Add simple FPV Cam and new keycode F7 to enable it
   * [GEN-228] - Add SteamUserProfile (overlayed) link to Steam-Nickname @ WorldRecords
   * [GEN-229] - Provide an JSON-API for WorldRecords (for public access, leagues, websites,etc.)
   * [GEN-230] - Provide an JSON-API for TrackRecords (for public access, leagues, websites,etc.)
   * [GEN-231] - Provide an JSON-API for Changelogs (for public access, leagues, websites,etc.)
   * [GEN-232] - Provide an JSON-API for TrackDB (for public access, leagues, websites,etc.)
   * [GEN-233] - Added and fixed HedgeShort object
   * [GEN-234] - Adding grid layout (KeyCode F10)  over terrain to make heights visible
   * [GEN-236] - Update standard assets (shaders,crossplatforminputs,...) to newest version
  • Bug
   * [GEN-168] - Check if min. 2 waypoints found on track > if not exit with errormessage
   * [GEN-169] - Check if min. 1 Pitcrew is existing to start the track > if not exit with error message
   * [GEN-175] - searchfiltern shown for slave in track selector
   * [GEN-187] - Replaced and decreased RoadCone collider
   * [GEN-188] - Stone sound should be inactive, because of some tracks with used stones as a bump
   * [GEN-191] - Track-Uploading with special chars in Username or Trackname are broken (json)
   * [GEN-192] - F5 for Networkstats not working anymore
   * [GEN-194] - Change back from F6 cam isnßt possible
   * [GEN-195] - Improved jump down force and bezier curve (extended jdf-slider under "m" to 200)
   * [GEN-208] - Fix avatar loading-bug at trackdb - phpscript to check for physical exists>DB>then check db instead of loading direct from cloud
   * [GEN-220] - Felt delay in steering behaviour fixed
   * [GEN-221] - Physics: changed sunkenTyre physics behaviour to avoid high jumps
   * [GEN-224] - Lobby load is clickable while joining/loading
   * [GEN-225] - Change CameraView affects other network players
   * [GEN-226] - Changed some textelements in WR-Holders popup
   * [GEN-235] - Fixed some important obfuscating bugs and renamed some namespaces
   * [GEN-237] - Fixed some methodbugs for obfuscating
   * [GEN-238] - Fixed welcome popup layer problem (car in front of the text)

Alpha 0.0.7g

  • Task
   * [GEN-144] - Added fuel consumption, fuel mass, damage and tire wear to qualifying settings
   * [GEN-145] - Added fuel consumption, fuel mass, damage and tire wear to race settings
   * [GEN-150] - Added topspot to see the car-mesh in the dark
   * [GEN-159] - Add first XP/Level System Version, Databasedriven
   * [GEN-160] - Added first Formula1 car with same default settings like the default car
   * [GEN-166] - Save and load QualiSettings to registry
   * [GEN-167] - Added KeyCode.F2 to change between Orthographic and Perspective Cam
   * [GEN-170] - Added inputtext-field to filter the tracklist
   * [GEN-172] - Extended PUN with RaceTimeSummarizer
   * [GEN-182] - Added Steam check at start with popup notification if steam is not started
  • Bug
   * [GEN-60] - Race Endpanel shows not the sum-time at the end as expected, headline is missing (race)
   * [GEN-142] - Fuel/Tire/Damage bars are wrong assigned if more then 2 players
   * [GEN-143] - Fixed existing qualitime show up (from the quali/race before)
   * [GEN-147] - Increased the AirTime handle to steer the car in the air for 1.5seconds
   * [GEN-148] - Drastic reduction of the static downforce to handle small hills, more realistic jumps,...
   * [GEN-149] - Changed switch of car-lights according to day/night lamps
   * [GEN-151] - Fixed long loading bug for sync popup
   * [GEN-153] - Fixed scaling bug according to worldsizes for objects in many cases
   * [GEN-155] - Change physics values for worldsize from 230 steps to 100
   * [GEN-164] - PhysicsBody will only be deactived for the localcar, not for the networkcas > collissions
   * [GEN-171] - Increase sunkenTyre shape and collider
   * [GEN-173] - Changed Gatesize and tests with Gate (still wrong size)
   * [GEN-176] - Save audio setting volume for player and load it at the start
   * [GEN-177] - Fixed Settings-Background Bug (clear hide of other buttons)
   * [GEN-178] - Fixed Sync-Background Bug (clear hide of other buttons)
   * [GEN-179] - Changed line transform for pitbox to ensure better visibility
   * [GEN-180] - Handle trackfiles <version 1.2 (track cannot be loaded, scene switched back to main menue with message)
   * [GEN-181] - Fixed camera-movement, zoom and perspective change if topdown-cam is inactive
   * [GEN-183] - Changed jump down force behavior calculated following bezier curves

Alpha 0.0.7f

  • Task
   * [GEN-120] - Save to each lap if the setup was modified or not, to see which bestlap is done with original setup (marked with -> (m))
   * [GEN-122] - Added fuel-empty speed / if fuel is under 10% the speed is limited to 1/5 of speed
   * [GEN-123] - Enabled fuel consumption and pitbox fill up for fuel
   * [GEN-124] - Added damage behavior for car (damage >70 changes steering)
   * [GEN-128] - Set all instantiated lights to disabled by default - to handle it later in day/night mode
   * [GEN-133] - Added lamp/light control of day/night controller - automatic lamp switch depending on time
   * [GEN-134] - Added World Records PopUp with best racers overall
   * [GEN-135] - Added more infos to world record-scoreboard
   * [GEN-136] - Added 72 new tracks to the local cache
   * [GEN-137] - Added refresh button to the WR-scoreboard
  • Bug
   * [GEN-36] - Pit Box running to car doesn't work correctly
   * [GEN-54] - Chat lines are no line break
   * [GEN-56] - Bridge is not colliding at the bottomside
   * [GEN-57] - Lobby List is buggy if we exit a room - the room list is growing every time
   * [GEN-112] - Fixed missing carcollission syncing over the network
   * [GEN-119] - F3 Keycode is in use, changed to F6
   * [GEN-125] - Changed Avatar-Border on track to the selected car-color to identifiy the own playerTab
   * [GEN-126] - Fixed again some collission bugs over the network
   * [GEN-127] - Changed wrong description (steering range) in physics panel to correct description (Steering speed)
   * [GEN-129] - Fixed switch back to day (day/night controller) with original light settings
   * [GEN-130] - Fixed frontlights of car (settings and position)
   * [GEN-131] - Fixed Player Tab loading Bar for fuel and tires (starting default with full bars)
   * [GEN-132] - Fixed loading bug of day/night controller (order of loading)
   * [GEN-138] - Improved damage smoke to more realistic look
   * [GEN-139] - Disabled antistuck-system for wheels per default
   * [GEN-140] - Fixed "no screenshot available" bug

Alpha 0.0.7e

  • Task
   * [GEN-94] - Enable Checkpoint-Switch (KeyCode.C) to show checkpoints ingame for new users
   * [GEN-110] - Removed wheelcollider to own physics model for more accuracy and flexibility
   * [GEN-111] - Added Damage smoke for car
   * [GEN-115] - Add infos before start-race which parts are missing (more infos for user)
   * [GEN-117] - Added following car-cam (KeyCode F3) for the first tests
  • Bug
   * [GEN-103] - Fixed disconnecting bug after leaving race (Disconnecting From Game Server State)
   * [GEN-104] - Fixed lobbylist bug (if room is closed or destroyed the entry doesnt disappear)
   * [GEN-105] - Increase Jump DownForce maximum to 90 in Physics Panel for Tests
   * [GEN-106] - Increased checkpoint height to 250 to avoid flyover
   * [GEN-107] - Fixed Bridgecollider bug
   * [GEN-108] - Added fence-collider
   * [GEN-109] - Changed sunken tyre for better collision behavior
   * [GEN-118] - Fixed horrible sound problem (stuttering) for car-sound

Alpha 0.0.7d

  • Task
   * [GEN-15] - Change to draggable windows for some pop ups (to move it)
   * [GEN-62] - Implement Bug/Issue/Ticket-Link in the game
   * [GEN-63] - Implement changelogs in the about
   * [GEN-70] - Added four more car-colors
   * [GEN-71] - Added downforce-functionality for jumps
   * [GEN-76] - Added first front lights for the car (for first tests), KeyCode: L
   * [GEN-79] - Added day and night controller for the first light/night tests (Keycode: N)
   * [GEN-80] - Added Network Stats for deep inspection (networking), Keycode: F5
   * [GEN-84] - Added Quali-Ready button functionality
   * [GEN-86] - Back to Track Key - spawn at the last checkpoint if car stucks
   * [GEN-88] - Added JumpDownForce to Phyiscs and physics panel to adjust it for tests
   * [GEN-89] - Added Settings-PopUp for the first settings (music-volume)
   * [GEN-94] - Enable Checkpoint-Switch to show checkpoints ingame for new users
   * [GEN-95] - Added Room-Lock icon to close/open the own room as Master
  • Bug
   * [GEN-28] - Fixed two lobby/room bugs (connect/disconnect/reconnect)
   * [GEN-59] - Quali End Panel is not working
   * [GEN-65] - Qualifying starting grid text is too small
   * [GEN-66] - Set Low and High Steering to invisible because of non-usage at the moment
   * [GEN-67] - Fixed 0-values for quali-sliders
   * [GEN-68] - World Gravity changed from -15f to realistic -9,8f
   * [GEN-72] - Steam Avatar is not showing on non-steam-friends
   * [GEN-73] - PopUp Screenshot is not closable / X functionality is missing
   * [GEN-74] - Flat Bridge scaling is wrong
   * [GEN-75] - Concrete Post collider is missing
   * [GEN-81] - Added first "Alpha-Tester" Steam achievement for every alpha-tester
   * [GEN-82] - Added CurrentRoom.Isopen = false after RaceStart (RaceManager) to avoid joining after start
   * [GEN-83] - Fix "RaceEnd" car behaviour (mesh/physics/colliding after race end)
   * [GEN-87] - Fixed Screenshot-Change bugs and Scene Changing bugs which are regarding to shader-changes
   * [GEN-90] - Resized House New again -26%
   * [GEN-96] - Fixed CrLf chat bug
   * [GEN-97] - Fixed losing focus on input field after sending chat message
   * [GEN-98] - Player List entry "ready" in Room is freaking out sometime > fixed > changed to one text line which is changing
   * [GEN-100] - Fixed PopUp Close at 2nd popup (car is not enabled after closing 2nd popup)
   * [GEN-101] - Fixed missing create-button on lobby (if reconnect is very fast)
   * [GEN-102] - Fixed disconnect bug and implemented rejoin-possibility


Microsoft Windows

GentRacing is originally released for Microsoft Windows in 2019, but it is planned to port it to other platforms. Linux/Mac builds should follow if the first beta phase for Windows is reached.


Steam is used as a cloud platform to publish the game and handle the version management of the game. Steam is also a good option to share screenshots, use a leaderboard and include an trading system.

Market and Marketing

Sales and distribution

GentRacing is advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Google, in print media, Youtube, Steam, in-game advertising, Twich and via curators and streamers. A Kickstarter launch has been prepared and is waiting to go live.

At the moment 2 curators are under contract which are waiting for start.


GentRacing is in two different curation programs registered and waiting for curators


Of course, everyone is invited to expand the reach of GentRacing by creating YouTube videos, commenting on the game, and testing it. It is possible even during Alpha, but only allowed by following a very simple set of rules.
If you are interested in streaming the game or giving an insight into the game on Youtube, please contact a moderator or admin of GentRacing. The fastest way to do this is via our Discord server, where all messages are read and answered within a few hours.