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Track file format (*.grc) / (G)ene(R)acing(C)ar

The invention of the format

The GRC-file format is an invented 2019 and an open format, from GeneRacing, which is managed under license “CC” – Creative Commons. The “CC” – Creative Commons license is legally binding on every downloaded, uploaded, used or passed on file of this file format, regardless of the place or time. Regarding licensing, please read more at the end of the page.

The content of a GRC File

All *.grc container files, including the packaged content, are a part of GeneRacing and could be shared, provided, edited by the functionalities of the game and the users.

You, as an editor, are explicitly allowed (following the CC0 license) to unzip the grc-container to modify the content with included and external tools.

A *.grc file is a zip container which includes generally following files:

  • an XML file for the car structure, settings and setup / Format: <Carname>.xml
  • texture file as *.png for the visual texturing part
  • sound files as *.wav, *.ogg or *.mp3 format for different car sounds
  • *.obj file for the mesh structure

This files are compressed in the grc-container in format: <Carname>.grc

Filestructure will be a XML too, like the racetracks, in an open format following the CC0 creative common license model.